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Project title
: A Web-Based Classroom Allocation System

Author : Peter Bougie

Year: 2012

Abstract: In an educational institution, it is very important for classes to be taught in appropriate classrooms.  That is, classrooms are expected to provide necessary computer equipment, audio and video equipment, and multimedia equipment along with sufficient space for all students enrolled in the class.  Most institutions handle this scheduling with a manual process coordinating multiple department associates and staff members of the Records and Registration Office.  Often, a manual process such as this leads to a number of difficulties and is prone to errors.  A better way to consistently and effectively allocate classrooms is to use a computer-assisted system that will keep track of all classrooms on campus along with specific details about those rooms that can automatically suggest efficient pairings with the courses offered for a given semester.  The efficiency will be judged based on many factors, most importantly being that the size of each room is used effectively.  This manuscript describes the design and implementation of a web-based system that assists the staff at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse to allocate classrooms for a given semester.  This system accommodates the most important factors mentioned before.  Other factors such as making sure that each course has a room with the required resources for that class and that the rooms should conform to departmental preferences are also considered.  A timing analysis on the performance of the algorithms is also included in the manuscript.

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