Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Computer Science Minor

[Program Requirements]

Students who complete the 23-credit Computer Science minor will gain significant understanding and skill in computing systems and software development. Consider how such skill and knowledge can strongly benefit students in any major as outlined below.

  • Career Opportunities: Having a minor in computer science can enhance your marketability and job prospects, especially in today's technology-driven job market.
  • Problem Solving Skills: The study of computer science can help improve critical thinking and problem solving skills, which are valuable in any field.
  • Interdisciplinary Applications: The skills and knowledge gained from a computer science minor can be applied to other fields, such as business, health sciences, and social sciences, making you more versatile and well-rounded.
  • Potential for Future Advancements: The field of computer science is constantly evolving and offers numerous opportunities for growth and advancement, making it a rewarding and exciting area of study.