Computer Science & Computer Engineering

CS 120 Credit by Exam

Students may gain credit for CS 120: Introduction to Software Design I by passing a single test-out examination. The examination consists of a written test and a programming assignment. Upon passing the examination, you will receive 4 credits for CS 120 and become eligible to register for any course having CS 120 as a pre-requisite. CS 120 will appear on your transcript with a grade of 'S' (satisfied) and will not be included in your GPA calculation. The credits earned, however, will count towards the total credits required for your major and for graduation from UWL. Please contact the department at for more details.

The following document describes the topics that are covered in CS 120 and on the exam. For most topics, there is a lecture, a set of exercises and their solutions, and an assignment (sometimes with template code). You can also download all the materials listed below as a single zip file. These materials are provided as an aid to students interested in receiving credit by exam. The actual credit by examination exam and assignment will be unique to each student and may vary significantly from these examples.

Style Guide


Variables, Input, and Strings

Primitive Data Types





Classes and Objects


Inheritance and Polymorphism

Sample Final Exam