Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Computer Science Major

Bachelor of Science

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Students majoring in Computer Science are prepared for a broad array of careers related to software development and engineering. Careers include software development, web development, web design, database management, software architect, software engineering, mobile app developer and many others.

Students must complete 54 credits of coursework. This coursework involves core courses in Computer Science, Calculus I and II, and electives chosen from among sub-disciplines of Computer Science or computing-related fields in Computer Engineering, Math, and Physics.

Optional emphasis: Cybersecurity

Students may choose to obtain an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Cybersecurity. Students learn cutting-edge techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in software, and then they learn how to remove these vulnerabilities, leaving the software more resilient. This emphasis helps form the knowledge necessary to attack software but more importantly to craft the next generation of software with the level of trustworthiness required by modern society. Career potentials include all of the opportunities afforded a Computer Science major with additional opportunities in fields such as security engineering, penetration testing, and software quality assurance. This undergraduate program requires the same number of credits as the non-emphasis Computer Science degree.

Optional emphasis: Computer Engineering Technology

This program allows students to seamlessly transfer into the our CS major from Western Technical College. Refer to the [Technical College Pathway] for a fuller description.

Optional dual degree: Undergraduate CS and Masters of Software Engineering

Students seeking an undergraduate degree in Computer Science are encouraged to consider spending one additional year to obtain both an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science AND a Masters degree in Software Engineering. This program is time and cost effective as it compresses the time to graduation from what is commonly a six-year academic experience into five. Please note that there are two variants of this program; one for the Computer Science major and one for the Computer Science Cybersecurity emphasis major. Refer to our [Masters of Software Engineering] page for fuller descriptions.

Computer Engineering Major

Bachelor of Science

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Nationwide, computer engineering graduates are employed in a wide variety of industries, not just at companies that research and develop computers. Automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, agriculture equipment, defense, renewable energy, home and office appliance, manufacturing automation, and many other industries employ computer engineers. Anywhere you find a computer integrated into a product, you’ll find computer engineers. Computer engineers find careers in most regions of the United States, and across the world. Upon entering the field, computer engineers also enjoy salaries that are at the upper end of starting salaries for 4-year graduates in any discipline.

Computer engineers develop new computer hardware systems and write the software to support these systems. Students will take classes in software development, digital and analog circuit design, hardware/software integration, and will complete a year-long senior project within a team of other well-trained computer engineering students.